Plastic Fasteners

GMP injection moulded plastic fasteners are used by the Industrial Engineering, Signage and Display, Upholstery / Furniture Manufacturing and Automotive industries as well as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

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Anchor Bushes

GMP Anchor Bushes are designed for use in applications where metal rods pass through panels. Once fitted, Anchor Bushes prevent rattling and squeaking by providing insulation. They also help support l...

Handle Catch

GMP Handle Catches are constructed from a single-moulded unit. Made from high quality, durable injection-moulded plastic they are designed for use in light gauge metal cabinets, laundry troughs and ca...


GMP’s range of Automotive Fasteners are designed to secure a wide range of panels and fittings. Can't find what you're looking for in our catalogue? Contact us to discuss manufacturing specific auto...

Flyscreen Plunger Pins

Manufactured as a single construction, Flyscreen Plunger Pins are used to attach fly screens to window frames. The thread-free design makes installing and removing the plunger pins easy while providin...

PCB Mount

Printed Circuit Board Mounts are used to securely hold circuit boards and to insulate them from the surrounding chassis.

Louvre Locking Pin & Plate

The rear window Louvre Locking Pin & Plate is designed to mount louvres directly onto the glass of rear car windows locking them into place. Double-sided tape not included.

Cable Straps

GMP Cable Straps are designed to hold bundles of wire to chassis. May be opened and closed again for the removal and addition of extra wires. Two versions are available.

Tonneau Fittings

The GMP range of Tonneau Fittings are manufactured for automotive use, including Pins, Rope Rings, Rope Buttons and Tonneau Hooks. Common on utility vehicles, these are used to secure tonneau and tarp...

Drop Wire Insulator

GMP Drop Wire Insulators are made for use with Telstra drop wire clamps. They are Telstra approved and therefore the perfect product for this purpose.

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