Injection Moulded Product Categories

Discover the wide range of injection moulded parts and components manufactured by GMP Australia. Each of the product categories below represents our high-quality innovative solutions for a variety of industries.

Plastic Fasteners18

GMP injection moulded plastic fasteners are used by the Industrial Engineering, Signage and Display, Upholstery / Furniture Manufacturing and Automotive industries as well as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

Security Seals1

GMP injection moulded Meter Seals are Australian-made to the highest quality specifications. They are suitable for applications where a single one piece seal is required.

Plastic Buckles13

GMP offers a full range of Australian made injection moulded Plastic buckles that have been engineered to provide maximum strength, versatility and performance. Our Buckles are used in the clothing, luggage upholstery, equine equipment, outdoor equipment and marine industries as well by OEM manufacturers.

Horticulture Supplies3

With a variety of injection moulded plastic products specifically created for those in the horticultural industries, you can rely on GMP for durable, high-performance products designed to increase profitability and efficiency.

Meat Processing Products5

GMP meat processing products are designed to help streamline preparation and aid in the paddock-to-plate tracing process. The range includes Beef Clips, Weasand Clips and a range of Skid & Gambrels, including our latest design with fully encapsulated Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID).


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