Plastic Buckles

GMP offers a full range of Fastex® injection moulded Plastic buckles that have been engineered to provide maximum strength, versatility and performance. Our Buckles are used in the clothing, luggage upholstery, equine equipment, outdoor equipment and marine industries as well by OEM manufacturers.

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Trovato Side Release

Fastex® Trovato Side Release Buckles are a premium range of buckles that have been engineered to provide maximum strength and performance. Both aesthetically pleasing and streamlined, they are suitab...

Classic Side Release

Fastex® Classic Side Release Buckles offer a durable solution for a variety of applications. The “classic” style of Side Release Buckles has stood the test of time. They have been engineered to p...


Camloc Buckles are designed to ensure maximum performance when securing webbing. They have an easy-to-use and easy-to-adjust method of securing webbing designed to prevent unintentional slippage.

Super Ladderloc

The robust and smooth design of the Fastex® Super Ladderloc provides a durable solution with minimal slippage and ease of use. Smooth and simple tightening, loosening and adjustments combined with on...

Carabina Shock Cord Hooks

Fastex® Carabina Shock Cord Hooks offer a heavy-duty solution for a variety of industry applications. Often used with bungee ropes, automobiles, camping and transportation, they provide maximum secur...


Fastex® injection moulded Looplocs provide secure fastening of webbing and straps where no adjustments are required. Manufactured in a one-piece design, the risk of snapping or fracturing during heav...

Safety Whistle

The non-corrosive whistle provides an excellent safety device during outdoor activities. The high pitch sound can be heard over long distances.

Safety Vest Buckle

The Fastex® Safety Buckle has been developed to provide superior locking strength and offers anti-pinching characteristics, making it an excellent choice for life jackets, safety vests and other app...

Cord Lock

Sturdy, strong and durable, Cord Locks are designed to provide secure gripping of cord with a spring-loaded design. Often used in camping, clothing, luggage, backpack and lanyard production, they prov...

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